Monday, 10 November 2008

Fighting for the truth...

Last night I spoke at our Freedom in Christ course, the second session.

It seemed to go quite well, and we are pleased that over 90 people have signed up to the course which is roughly a third of our membership.

The theme was truth - our view of truth, the world's view of truth, the biblical view of truth.

My message was fairly simple - Jesus is the truth.

He is truth.

Not only did he define truth, he lived truth.

It struck me, with a simply overwhelming sadness, how much of the Christian life are so utterly and pointlessly wasted on sifting through different theological contructions to try and find the "truth". You only have to read a few blogs to get weighed down by this quest for truth and different sides of the same equation drawing lines in the sand over whose truth is actually true.

The "word" becomes academic and cerebral, almost forgetting the the Word was made flesh, and dwelt amongst us.

Yes I want to know truth. But I would rather know the Truth, and see Him dwell amongst us.

Yes I want to understand truth and understand the word of God. But I would rather be a follower of the Truth and a follower of the Word who is God.

Jesus is the truth, and I need to live and act and speak with much humility because there is an outside chance I could be wrong on virtually every other point, other than Him.

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