Friday, 21 November 2008

Sex Appeal...

I saw this on Mark Driscoll's blog and it brought a wry smile to my face.

I do think the Church needs a response to the current obsession with and addiction to pornography. I think ministries like are valuable in discipleship and mission. I am about to read Driscoll's new e-book "Porn Again Christian" and will review it here. Software programmes like the free version of X3 watch have been a massive step forward and helping people break the cycle of loneliness, guilt and pain caused by pornography addiction.

I wonder when the t-shirts of this motto will start to be sold at Spring Harvest?

Then the Internet chatter will start...

"Are you into this new rage, HHCM?"

"Yeah it is amazing!"

"Where can I find some?"

"After being at the altar"

"Eh?I mean where do I look for some?"

"In your own bedroom"

"No I mean where can I buy some?"

"You can't. Find a nice girl, buy her a ring, commit your life to her then it is all yours"

"Woh, that sounds intense"

In other news today my brother had his t-shirt design chosen to go into production.

Now our family has some pretty weird claims to fame. Not least my adventures with Blue Peter. I think it is fair to say that this surpasses all of them!

Dad was really chuffed when he got his Blue Peter book. I wonder what he will be getting off Jon for Christmas?!!!

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