Thursday, 19 March 2009

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

I have far, far too many ideas to even know what to do with!

On Sunday afternoon I met a couple from Church and came out with some absolutely cracking ideas for developing new leaders, media work, showcasing the life of the Church and communication.

On monday evening our cell group leaders meeting generated a 28 idea list of ways we can help new people integrate into the life of our Church, and join a cell group. Some of them were absolute pearlers.

In the last three days the Church office has had 4 prophecies emailed in from Church members with various things they feel God has revealed to them for us.

So that is about 32 ideas and 4 prophecies in five days and none of them have come from me!

That is why I love being in a body, being part of a family, and being on a mission. You never know what tomorrow holds, and everyone has a chance to contribute.

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