Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Five people

In the last few days 5 different people have looked me in the eye, face to face, and thanked me for my recent series on Miscarriage.

Communication is an interesting thing.

On the one hand, I genuinely don't know if I could have spoken the way I could write about the subject.

On the flip side they all said that they did not feel they could leave a comment on the blog but wanted to tell me when they saw me.

I think both those things are valid. There are some things you want to share but don't know how to share them. There are other things you want to respond to but not via the method you have received them.

I guess that is why blogging under my own name, with people from my Church, and other local churches, who know me, reading it, makes for an interesting mix.

Not only does it keep me accountable for the things I say about myself and about others, it also means some of my readers have walked the journey with me and then the effect of reading what I write goes that much deeper.

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Pauline said...

People vary in their communication style, as you noticed.
I can identify with anyone who can be more "real", express themselves and their emotions in writing but would find it difficult in one-to-one conversation, or in a group.

I find it easier to write about something that had a huge impact on my life, or something that really troubles me, than to talk about it. Sometimes, it's hard to find the words, or they come out incoherent, because of the strength of the emotions. The very act of writing can help you come to terms with things if that's the way you are.
Because you are organising your thoughts in writing, maybe it even quietens turbulant emotions and allows a "space" in which God can deal with whatever it is, and can show you things you hadn't realised, that will help? God knows what you're thinking, and can help you to express it in the unique way that you can.
But I can see how some people are better at speaking one-to-one, or might even think it's more personal and meaning and that writing a comment seems a bit more detached, maybe? We're all different.
But you did right, Dave, because if I know personally about two people who have been helped by what you said. (Well more actually when you think it's couples and other family members who are in some way affected) So- it stands to reason that there may be a whole lot of people out there we'll never know about this side of heaven, but who have been helped. That has to be a good thing. God made us all different and for a reason. The important thing is to be true to ourselves and the way we do things, it's the only way. Pauline