Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Newfrontiers "Uniform"

Luke helpfully set the ball rolling on this one with his fashion update. But it does not stop with bodywarmers!

A few years back, you could spot them a mile off.

Beige trousers, brown moccasin shoes, nice shirt, sometimes a woolen closely fitted jumper, often sleeveless.

Yes, they were the visiting speaker.

It was almost a uniform.

Things have changed.

With a new breed of Church leaders and Church planters has come a new dress code.

Suddenly you could expect to see "Bench" on the outside rather that "St Michael" on the inside.

But now, things have gone one step further.

The hoodie. The humble hoodie. "Hug a hoodie". The sign of rebellious teenage "yoof" has been hijacked.

At the last prayer and fasting there were hoodies in abundance. Every colour imaginable. Every brand available. And more.

Yes more, because we have entered a new era. The "Church" hoodie. With logo. The town. Something about Jesus and a website. Oh yes. Gone are the days of non descript pastel coloured sweaters: now it is all about the hoodie.

And further still, we hear much about the "Second generation" Newfrontiers Church leaders. Those 25-40 who have been part of a second wave of Church growth and Church planting. They brought us the hoodies. But now, I can even report members of the "First generation" are wearing, wait for it, hoodies!

Where are you Farah? Why do you hide from us Next? Do not mock us George! But no, Superdry! Firetrap! Men in their 50s sporting cool brands and cool hoodies.


I used to be able to recognise the visitng speaker. If it carries on like this I am more likely to invite them on the Alpha Course!

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Unknown said...

Here's some more on that theme

The Hoodie could be a Driscoll influence, though it's been pretty standard in the student circles I work in for a long time.