Saturday, 16 October 2010

Front Edge 2010: Sunday service

Adrian Holloway seems to appear in all sorts of places these days and we were delighted he agreed to come and preach at both our meetings.

We had delivered 2000 flyers locally and had been praying hard in advance. Lots of people were invited, including our whole Alpha Course.

The good news is just that, good news, so we want to share it.

Adrian preached excellently. We prayed for the sick. In each meeting people came to the front and said that the pain had gone. Backs. Knees. Hands. Shoulders.

A young woman from our Church who the day before could not even sit at the Front Edge conference and lay on the floor at the back. Her back was twisted and she was in considerable discomfort. By Sunday morning she was stood on the stage, standing up straight, saying the pain had gone!

When the call went out for people to respond and become a Christian or recommmit their life to God perhaps 20 came forward across the two meetings. I don't have exact numbers but I would suggest the many of those were responding for the first time and some coming back to God.

The opportunity is now there to follow up people and help them in their journey of faith. We know more people may come on The Alpha Course this week as part of their response.

A very good morning and an exciting way to conclude Front Edge for us.

I love being part of a movement of Churches that prioritises mission as a key part of what it means to be Church, and releases gifted people to go and help Churches and equip their people.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, enjoying the new look. And your blog looks good as well. I especially enjoy the "best bits" section (although I have already read most of them I just love seeing a good bit of cataloging, except that some series's are listed 5-1 and others 1-5, but wait, is that because it's the order you posted them in? Aha, very clever. Sorry for waffling).