Friday, 15 August 2008

Cell Group Matters

"Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching."

I went to cell last night not really knowing what to expect.

We started with a welcome question "What trait would you like more of and which would you like less of" - that sparked a very humorous discussion, especially when partners started to endorse answers given readily!

Next up a member of our group has just been to Uganda and she shared her experiences and what God had taught her through the experiences she had and we saw lots of photos. It was amazing. I actually felt like I had been there and heard God through what she was saying.

Then we had a bible study - looking at the call of Samuel and discussing how we know when God is / isn't speaking to us! That opened up a whole range of stuff about whether we can trust how we "feel" about a situation. This was interesting - our desires and heart for things is shaped by God, and yet feelings can also be very unreliable.

This was followed by us naming the things we are "called" to in scripture by nature of our identity as followers of Jesus - rather than the "when", "where" and "who with" sorts of decisions. That was a great discussion - definitely future blog potential.

What are we called to, even if we never "hear" God?!!

The discussion really showed me what a privilege to be both evangelical and charismatic, and how the bible keeps us safe.

Next up a time of worship, with prepared songs from a CD, but lots of prayer in between and a spontaneous song that someone started. This was no dictation of what to do by a worship "leader" - it was a spirit led group coming together to worship Jesus with many people involved in shaping the direction.

We finished with a song to sit and reflect to. Everyone is so busy, just stop and think of Jesus. Wonderful.

And we finished with communion - reading scriptures from Isaiah, from the gospel account of the Crucifixion and the Lord's supper.

We meditated on this song:

And that was it - next week we have a social & an opportunity to invite our friends to come.

I started out a bit tired and came back later refreshed and encouraged - and that is one sign of an encounter with God & His people.

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