Friday, 22 August 2008

Off to Borderlands...

In two hours time we head off to the newly entitled Glyndwr University in Wrexham for our newfrontiers regional weekend away, entitled "Together at Borderlands"

The "Borderlands" name was birthed in an elders meeting about 4 years ago, as an attempt to show that we represent Churches in Shropshire, Staffordshire, and North Wales, working together.

In years gone by the English and the Welsh around these parts did not get on too well, as the cross in the middle of Shrewsbury shows, where Dafydd Ap Gruffydd, the last prince of an independent Wales, was hung drawn and quartered for high treason. 700 years have passed since then, but for some the local banter is pretty serious.

It is deep in our hearts that God wants the english and the welsh to work together for His purposes. And so we are going off the Wrexham, where a new church has been established recently, to worship God together, hear from Him, and build friendships between churches.

Behind the scenes this week there have been lots of issues to iron out and it will definitely be interesting to see how God uses the weekend to speak to us. Dave Devenish, Dave Fellingham and Angela Kemm are the speakers, so it should be rather interesting.

I am thinking through the whole question of how we use our resources to best serve our mission and this weekend I really want to be open to God to speak to me about the future.

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