Friday, 29 August 2008

Top of the League?

I don't want to sound like I am lacking in faith, but I also wanted to record this moment for posterity should results not go our way tomorrow.

Shrewsbury Town are top of the league!

I wonder how it would work if Churches had league tables? How would we score points? It seems odd that we still use bums on seats as the key indicator of "success".

That means Churches take short cuts to attract more Christians and the Church loses it's focus on the long term mission - to bring new people into relationship with Jesus. Then it becomes about the programme not the mission. Then our people become consumers not witnesses.

The discipleship and teaching of the great commission comes in the context of being witnesses to Jesus, not in how many Christians we can gather on Sundays.

By 5pm tomorrow Notts County could have put a dent in our promotion push. Let's never view other Churches with that sort of competitiveness.


Phil said...

Well goals scored, you could have miracles performed and people not healed in the goals against column. Or churches planted, demons cast out, houses sold - all could go in the goals for. And splits, people leaving, doctrinal disputes could go in the goals against column. Sounds like fun..

Blue, with a hint of amber said...

Shall we start a league?

But then we had Charles from Claremont Baptist speaking this morning - so does the 3 points for a "good word" go to us or them?!!!