Saturday, 14 March 2009

Cadburys goes Fairtrade

I know I am a bit late to comment on this, but I am still simply amazed by this development.

20 years ago could anyone imagine reading things like this, this or this?

Many people support Fairtrade, but lots of Christian groups and charities have been pioneers in supporting the concept and bringing it into the mainstream.

I remember being amazed when Tesco announced it was doing an own brand teabag a few years back. But Cadbury's going Fairtrade? Cadburys Dairy Milk? In the UK?

Amazing! Now even a publication like the FT is extolling the virtues of Fairtrade? Unbelievable even ten years ago.

From the campaign stalls at Greenbelt to the sale stalls at the back of Churches to the local Fairtrade shops and initiatives to firms like Traidcraft bringing their branding and image to the mass market, forcing supermarkets to offer comparable products to now, one of the pinnacles of the nation's fast moving consumer goods, our favourite chocolate bar, will be Fairtrade.

A "kingdom value" has become rooted in the economic market place and social culture of our nation.

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Lynne said...

I agree! I think it is fantastic news for everybody, and a huge endorsement to Fairtrade by Cadbury! Let's see some of the other big chocolate companies follow their lead!