Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Worship songs that changed my life: NUMBER FIVE

Having done a similar series on sermons, I have decided to do a similar one for songs.

The sermon series can be found here:
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These songs are not chosen for their musical prowess or their use in corporate worship. They may not even be my favourite worship songs, but they are the ones that shaped me, provoked me, moved me and allowed me to somehow discover more of God or express how I felt.

Number 5: Paul Oakley, I was lost without a trace

I Was Lost (Like a Child)..Paul Oakley

"I was lost without a trace,
All except for the eyes of heaven.
Now my Saviour’s love has found me,
And His love has brought me home.

I can sleep in peace tonight,
I won’t worry about tomorrow,
Now I know my Daddy loves me,
And His perfect love will conquer all.

I'm like a child in his arms
and he will meet my needs
with all the riches of heaven
and he loves me much to much
to let me go,
he will keep me in his love

Heaven and earth may pass away,
And mountains fall into the ocean;
But His word is everlasting,
And His love goes on and on."

In a couple of weeks time I am speaking on The Cross: Our Adoption

This song, sung at a Stoneleigh Bible Week youth meeting in the mid nineties really brought it home to me. His love for me. My loving Father. I was lost until he found me. His perfect love conquers all. Some of the wording is a bit clumsy and I don't really like the use of the term Daddy, but as a song, at that moment in the journey of faith, it opened my heart to feel the reality of what I already knew to be true.

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Anonymous said...

I love this song. I remember singing it at Stoneleigh as well - in the 10s-11s meeting. Similarly, I don't really like using the word Daddy, but I like the idea that gets put across.