Saturday, 14 March 2009

Worship songs that changed my life: NUMBER TWO

Here we go with song number two, and I don't even really like the song!!!

Flashback to Spring Harvest, the early nineteen nineties. I was from a Christian family, in my early teens, had always "believed", but never "understood". I was a genuine, nominal Christian. I believed in a God I didn't know. I did not understand the severity of the abject disaster my sin destined me for. And then I got it. I just got it. Clear teaching, clear gospel presentation, bang, the penny dropped, from a great height.

Could I truly be free? Could my sins truly be forgiven?

Oh, God, Most High, Almighty King
The champion of heaven, Lord of everything
You fought, You won, death lost its sting
And standing in Your victory we sing

You have broken the chains that held our captive souls
You have broken the chains and used them on Your foes
All your enemies are bound
They tremble at the sound of Your name
Jesus You have broken the chains

The pow’r of hell has been undone
Captivity held captive by the Risen One
And in the name of God’s great Son
We claim the mighty victory You’ve won

I repeat: I don't even really like this song! I don't like it musically. It is written in Christianese rather than English. Yet there, and the heart of it, the victory won for me. As I danced, in a Butlins nightclub converted into a youth worship venue, and sung, I jumped in, wholeheartedly, and invested my life in Him. His victory, in my life, what a wonderful saviour we have.

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