Wednesday, 18 March 2009

How to resist evil

That is the title of my talk tonight on The Alpha Course

I like the way the Alpha materials give airtime to the dangers of evil but give priority to Jesus, if that makes sense. Some books / websites certainly do not get that balance right.

This is a bit off the cuff, (and some of it even a bit tongue in cheek) but here would be five places to start for a Christian guy in the UK, to resist temptation, and thereby resist evil:
  1. Get some PC monitoring software: take a knife to the temptation
  2. Don't sit channel surfing the TV on your own in the evening
  3. Buy a broadsheet not a tabloid and don't read the adverts in any magazine aimed at men
  4. Don't read the argos catalogue or watch car programmes
  5. Avoid Stella Artois
I guess my point, is I am not particularly of the opinion that the devil lives under your bed, and I think often these things can start in us. It is only a small step to be on the wrong path, and that can spin horribly out of control.

What would your five be?

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Jongudmund said...

Those are a brilliant 5 to start on.

We asked 'da boiz in da yoof' what they would most like us to talk about. The most requested thing was pornography. I mentioned points 1 & 2 (and to some extent 3) in my talk to them.