Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Marriage Course: Part Four

Three weeks ago Esther and I embarked on the seven week Marriage Course based on DVDs and materials from the Holy Trinity Brompton stable which we are running at our Church in Shrewsbury.

Week 4: "The power of forgiveness" was a look at resolving past hurts and working through them.

To be honest, for us, it was not particularly scratching where we are itching. I think that is partly because we have only been married two and a half years (although we have been an "item" for seven). the other thing is that when asked to list unresolved things between us there simply was not much on the list. Not a lot in terms of numbers, or in terms of importance.

What that did was encourage us greatly, and make us pray we keep it that way.

Other couples there seemed to be having really good discussions and were getting to grips with some deep stuff. I can see a huge value in the exercise, every so often, to keep close account.

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