Monday, 13 July 2009

Back from Brighton

It has been a real whirlwind weekend following my return from Brighton on Friday.

Saturday was dominated by a lie in and then a wedding which I greatly enjoyed, at which Esther & I led the prayers.

Sunday started with a baptism service which I greatly enjoyed, which I led.

Then a post-baptism party, which I greatly enjoyed.

Then a birthday barbecue, which I greatly enjoyed.

Then visiting a young man from our Church in intensive care in hospital. This, I did not "enjoy" in the same way. However, seeing the grace of God resting upon his parents during this dreadfully difficult time was a most profound experience.

I then went to the gym, did some seriously overdue housework, and then roll on Monday!

I need to sit down and have a real ponder about what God has been saying. At the moment these are a few aspects I know have clearly spoken to me.

I think Joel's talk was absolutely spot on, there is a lot for me there.

Stef & Mbonisi were quality, and I felt are really speaking to "my" generation.

I went to my training track on John Calvin with an open heart and found it a really eye opening experience.

I also feel the way Terry Virgo has responded to the challenge brought by Mark Driscoll last year was really spot on.

I have a few suggestions for aspects of the conference I feel could help increase its effectiveness, but those can wait for a future post.

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