Tuesday, 7 July 2009

TOAM: Main Session 2: STEF LISTON

Stef leads Revelation Church in London and is also a really exciting younger leader.

This is the first time I have ever known a preacher start a preach by singing, unaccompanied!

This was a provoking and accessible talk aimed primarily at those in leadership positions.

He used Ezekiel 34 v1-24 as a starting point
  1. The presence of God had left the temple because of the sin of the people as they opened their hearts to other Gods
  2. They had suffered a totally unecessary defeat because they had drifted from God
  3. The shpeherds had assumed people were there for their benefit
  4. Supposed to be feeding them, actually consuming from them
  5. Points to a Davidic shepherd to come: Jesus
He then spoke about Jesus' humility and what this means for leadership.

Matt 18:1-6 We are to be "Child like" as God is "Child like" (He does not ask us to be something He isn't)
  1. Kids love to please Dad! 1 Sam 13-14 David was "after God's own heart" John 4: "My Son, with whom I am well pleased"
  2. Kids love to follow their Dad! John 5:19 Jesus followed His Father. King David "The Lord is my shepherd", Eph 5:21 Submit to each other
  3. Kids are not complicated: Psalm 131, Matt 19:13-15
  4. Kids are playful: David dancing before the Lord
  5. Kids are oblivious to hierarchy: Matt 23:8
Stef then quipped he wanted to be an apostle when he read 1 Corinthians 12: 28, but then had second thoughts having read 1 Corinthians 4: 9-13!

There are implications for ministry:
  1. Kids imitate: they don't always have to be doing things their own way
  2. Kids ask for loads of things
  3. Kids are bold in hte presence of their parents knowing thety are accepted
  4. Kids can be happy
  5. Kids can delight in repetition, such as wanting to play a game again and again
  • Do we delight in simple things and simple company?
  • Do we worry what others think?
  • Are we so driven we stop enjoying?
  • Are we transparent enough to build true brotherhood and sisterhood, or do we project an image?
Stef finished an amusing and challenging talk with Proverbs 30 1-3

Sayings of Agur

1 The sayings of Agur son of Jakeh—an oracle :
This man declared to Ithiel,
to Ithiel and to Ucal:
2 "I am the most ignorant of men;
I do not have a man's understanding.
3 I have not learned wisdom,
nor have I knowledge of the Holy One.
and asked the question: why do we sometimes feel the need to act like we have it altogether? Agur felt like that and he was used by God to create holy scripture!!!

"If a leader can't follow they should not be a leader"
"He is building His Church and we are helping Him"
"Always be a leader who is willing to be led, a shepherd who is willing to be shepherded"

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