Thursday, 2 July 2009

One whole year: the Bad News

12 whole months. A year.

A steep learning curve.

There really have been some great bits.

On the flip side:
  1. I don't like the way some new people treat me differently because I have a title. I never want to be institutionalised an elder. Frankly, I don't act differently because of it so why should you?
  2. Interesting to see where some people draw their line in the sand and nothing can pass that line. Amazing to see how other bloggers quote you, discuss you, oppose you and get hot under the collar about you. Come, sit with me, eat with me, meet my wife, then let's talk.
  3. Divisiveness is a poison in the life of a body. It is just ugly.
  4. Being in elder is quite lonely. It is interesting how your friendships change, and how people invite you to less stuff, especially if they are planning on having a few ales.
  5. Leprosy: Yep, whoever you say "minister of religion" to, insurance companies, the dentist, whoever, you might as well say "Hi, I have leprosy". Being involved in Church leadership is "street cred" suicide. Good job I never had street cred!
All in all, I would not change any of it for the world. It has been a great year serving a great God. Where my learning curve is steep I grow more and know more of God in it. That is not a bad place to be.

It is certainly a calling not a vocation though. If this was my job it could feel different. But it is not. Service of God is a gift from Him. Serving in a leadership role is a gift from Him. A year of living within a gift from God is a gift to behold and be grateful for.

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