Friday, 17 July 2009

Church Together

Every 8 weeks all the cell groups in our Church do not meet for a week and instead we have "Church Together"

This is an evening of worship and prayer.

The meeting on Tuesday was really special.

I always love it when Christians gather just to seek God. Sometimes I think Christian ministry focuses too much on what people receive rather than what they bring.

"Come and be blessed" the promotional material for many Christian events offers, whereas "Come to be a blessing" is less consumerist.

So we worshipped together, and prayed together.
  1. We prayed for a young man in our Church who is critically ill.
  2. We prayed for the nation of Iran. For justice, for peace, for a change in the political circumstances, for freedom for the people and for the Church there that is, and has been so persecuted.
  3. We then prayed for each other, in our own personal witness, looking forward to the start of the Alpha Course in September. We prayed for the extension of the gospel in our town and that God would use us as we live as witnesses to what Christ has done for us.
So we prayed within our Church family, for a nation, and for the gospel to spread through us being effective in living as witnesses of Jesus, where God has put us.

Not only do we want to seek God for these things, but where possible we offer ourselves to be part of the solution.

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