Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Reaching Men: Part Three

This is a subject often discussed in the blogosphere.

I have opened the lid on it a couple of times here and here.

Normally different books / articles / discussions I have read seem to go one of two ways. Either going "hunting, fishing and shooting" and other manly activities seem to be the answer to most things (especially amongst our friends across the pond). Or people get very upset because discussing how to reach men becomes yet another example of a chauvinist Church excluding women.

Both extremes fall well short in my view.

So rather than put together a shiny new strategy, or suggest changes to make Church look more "manly" and less "girly", and rather than consider how some of us are "Wild at heart" while others are "Captivating", I will just let Mike and Matt tell their story. Can I recommend you spend 15 minutes or so listening to how they have come to faith in Jesus.

Here is the Alpha Flyer that gets a mention.

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