Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Mbonisi "Bones" Malaba is from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and a really exciting young leader.

He started by thanking the movement for a crisis offering for Zimbabwe taken late last year which raised half a million pounds.
  1. His theme was essentially "God's global heart" using the story of Jonah being called to preach to Ninevah (v1), a foreign city, in Assyria, a global superpower of the day.
  2. Jonah ran away from His call, the opposite direction! (v3)
  3. The same God who sent the great storm sent the great fish. God arrests Jonah from his rebellion and brings rescue.
  4. Do not forsake grace (Ch 2v8)
  5. Jonah was recalled by God, then re-called by God, and went to Ninevah (Ch 3 v 1)
  6. When Jonah preached Gods word (Ch 3 v4) they repented (Ch 3 v10)
  7. God's heart was for the restoration not the destruction of Ninevah (Ch 4 v 11)
  8. This was God's concern and he wanted it to be Jonah's concern too. We should go to where there are people who god is concerned about.

There then followed a very useful discussion about the rural and the urban focus, including details of all the work in agriculture being done by newfrontiers Church in rural Zimbabwe is opening real doors for them in the cities and amongst key politicians.

Then using Acts 18 he made the following points:
  1. PAUL WAS A TENTMAKER: and could fund himself and his mission through practical skills (v2-3). What is our "way in" to a new mission opportunity? How can we generate money for ourselves and a potential Church plant? He gave stories of those who are using business opportunities to under gird a church planting move.
  2. STAY LONG ENOUGH FOR BREAKTHROUGH: In Paul's case he stayed in Corinth long enough to see a breakthrough (v9-11)
  3. INFLUENCE CULTURE: The legal precedent Paul won in verse 15 was important for Christians much wider than just his situation
  • When you read this story don't measure the size of the fish, measure the size of God.
  • God said "Go", Jonah said "No"
  • Everyone has a good reason to say "no" to God. We all have what we consider "good" reasons, but what do they sound like to God?

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